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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

Experiments Performed:

This lab is to introduce the basic principles of heat and mass transfer with emphasis on their analysis and applications to practical engineering problems and also it is used for performing the Heat Transfer experiments to verify some of the theoretical learning in our class by experiments.

  • 1 To determine thermal conductivity of metal rod.
  • 2 To determine thermal conductivity of Insulating powder.
  • 3 Experiments on heat transfer through composite wall apparatus.
  • 4 To determine thermal conductivity of liquid guarded hot plate
  • 5 To determine critical radius of insulating material.
  • 6 Experiment on critical heat flux apparatus.
  • 7 Experiment on heat transfer through Natural (free) convection. apparatus
  • 8 Experiment on heat transfer through forced convection apparatus
  • 9 Experiment on Parallel Flow & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger apparatus
  • 10 Experiment on Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus
  • 11 To determine stifen - Boltzman constant
  • 12 To determine Emissivity of a Test Plate.
  • 13 Experiments on Pin - Fin apparatus
List of Equipment
Laboratory Manual