Programme Educational Obejective

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To excel in professional career and/or higher education by acquiring knowledge in mathematical, computing and engineering principles.

2. To exibit professionalism, ethical attitude, team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in life long learning.

3. To develop communication and managerial skills, leadership skills, professional ethics, and creative thinking.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Program Outcomes are narrower statements that describe what the students are expected to know and be able to do upon the graduation. These relate to the knowledge, skills and behavior the students acquire through the program. They are specific to the program and are consistent with the Graduate Attributes and facilitate the attainment of PEOs. The graduate of BE program in Mechanical Engineering should be able to

PO1. Analyze, design, optimise and evaluate mechanical components and systems using state-of-the-art IT tools.

PO2. Analyze, design, optimise and evaluate thermal systems including IC engines, refrigerating, air-conditioning, and power generating systems.

PO3. Plan, including methods design, process plan, and process automation, the manufacturing of given mechanical components and systems.

PO4. Analyze and design quality assurance systems.

PO5. Apply modern management methods to manufacture of components and systems.

PO6. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

PO7. Work in a team using common tools and environments to achieve project objectives.

PO8. Recognize their professional and personal responsibility to the community.

PO9. Pursue life-long learning as a means of enhancing the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the betterment of their profession and community.