Internal Combustion Engines

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Internal Combustion Engines

Laboratory Incharge:
Prof. R. V. Chaudhary  

Major Equipment:

  • • Single Cylinder 2-stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • • Four Stroke Four Cylinder Diesel engine Test Rig With Eddy Current Dynamometer

Experiments to be Performed:

This course studies the fundamentals of how the design and operation of internal combustion engines affect their performance, operation, fuel requirements, and environmental impact. Topics include fluid flow, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer and friction phenomena, and fuel properties, with reference to engine power, efficiency, and emissions. Students examine the design features and operating characteristics of different types of internal combustion engines: spark-ignition, diesel, stratified-charge, and mixed-cycle engines. Class includes lab project in the Engine Laboratory.

  • • To study about Two Stroke Internal Combustion Engines
  • • To study about Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engines
  • • To study about Fuel supply systems for S.I engines
  • • To study about Fuel supply systems for C.I engines
  • • To study about Fundamentals of Supercharging
  • • To study about Turbocharging
  • • To study about Intake Manifold Design
  • • To study about Emission of pollutants from SI & CI engines
  • • Performance on Two stroke two cylinder petrol engine test rig
  • • To study on Multi point ignition system for SI engine
  • • Performance on Four stroke four cylinder diesel engine test rig