Automobile Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Automobile Engineering

Laboratory Incharge:
Prof. R. V. Chaudhary  

Major Equipment:

  • • Disassembled Maruti 800
  • • Mahindra Jeep

Experiments to be Performed:

Automobile engineering deals with designing, manufacturing new products, repairing, and servicing vehicles. It is indeed a sub-branch of mechanical engineering.It involves studying motor systems, design, technology and many more.

  • • General study about an automobile its component, different system and functions
  • • Chassis layout, type, objective, and frame of an automobile
  • • Clutch system, type, components, functions, and applications
  • • Gear box, different types of mechanism and application
  • • To study about propeller shaft, universal joints, differential gear box of an automobile
  • • Front axle and steering system, types, components, functions and applications
  • • Suspension system, types, components, functions and their applications
  • • Brake system, types, components, applications and functions
  • • Electrical system, components, functions and applications
  • • Advances in automobiles - a way to modern vehicle