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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Material Science and Metalurgy Engineering Laboratory

Experiments Performed:

Material science and Metallurgy plays a role in all manufacturing processes which convert raw materials into useful products adapted to human needs. The primary goal of the Material science and Metallurgy course is to provide undergraduates with a fundamental knowledge base associated with materials-processing, their properties, and their selection and application.

  • 1 1 Study of phase diagrams for structure - property - correlation.
  • 2 Study of Fe3 – C carbide equilibrium diagrams.
  • 3 Study of optical metallurgical microscope.
  • 4 Preparation of specimen for microscopic examination.
  • 5 Mounting of specimen.
  • 6 Micro structural observation of ferrous material
  • 7 Effect of quenching media on hardening of steel.
  • 8 Determination of hardenability of steel.
  • 9 Determine the effect of section size on hardness of material developed during quenching.
  • 10 Detection of flaws in materials using ultrasonic flaw detector
  • 11 Detection of flaws in materials through dye - penetr ant and magnetic particle inspection methods.
List of Experiments
Laboratory Manual

Muffle furnace

Description: Today, a muffle furnace is (usually) a front-loading box-type oven or kiln for high-temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics and soldering and brazing articles. They are also used in many research facilities, for example by chemists in order to determine what proportion of a sample is non-combustible and non-volatile (i.e., ash)

Belt Sander

Description: A belt sander is a sander used in shaping and finishing wood and other materials. It consists of an electric motor that turns a pair of drums on which a seamless loop of sandpaper is mounted. Belt sanders may be handheld and moved over the material, or stationary (fixed), where the material is moved to the sanding belt. Stationary belt sanders are sometimes mounted on a work bench, in which case they are called bench sanders.

Jominey End Quench Test Apparatus

Description:This apparatus is used for determining the Hardenability of steel by an experiment called Quench Test. This experiment will enable the student of know about the Hardenability characteristics of different alloying element. 1. Mild Steel Model 2. Stainless Steel Model