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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory

Experiments Performed:

Refrigeration and air-conditioning is the subject which deals with the techniques to control the environments of the living and non-living subjects and thus provide them comforts to enable them to perform better and have longer lives. This course studies the fundamentals of how different refrigeration system works and their technology in real life application.

  • 1 Demonstration of Mechanical Heat Pump cycle.
  • 2 To determine COP for Heat Pump cycle
  • 3 Demonstration of Air conditioning cycle test.
  • 4 Study of a humidification with Heating Process &
  • 5 Dehumidification with cooling process
  • 6 To calculate refrigeration effect & coefficient of performance on VARS test rig
  • 7 To determine Coefficient of Performance (COP) fo r Carnot Cycle, Theoretical Cycle, Actual Cycle & Tonnes of refrigeration Cycle.
  • 8 To study about vapour absorption refrigeration system
  • 9 To study different psychrometric process & chart
  • 10 Purging charging evacuating process in refrigeration
  • 11 To study of a steam jet refrigeration system
List of Equipment