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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

Sponsored Projects 2014-15

Sr.No Roll No. Enroll No Name Project Titel Guide Name Amount Remarks
1 11ME14 110780119020 Patel Vishal Navinbhai Design and development of automatic wheelchair & Bed for old-Age Home Prof. J. B. Patel & Prof. H. C. Patel Approx. 75,000/- 1. Intitute Project,
2. Project Fair Winner 1st Rank
11ME20 110780119026 Joshi Mohitkumar Jayeshkumar
11ME23 110780119029 Bhavsar Deep Subhashchandra
11ME93 110780119098 Prajapati Mehul Pravinbhai
11ME104 110780119002 Patel Hirenkumar Mukeshkumar
11ME32 110780119038 Shah Rushabh Jaykumar
11ME36 110780119042 Patel Jimmy Rameshchandra
11ME41 110780119047 Patel Hardik Bharatbhai
2 11ME107 110780119007 Patel Sandipkumar Jayantilal Design and Fabrication of economical plastic injection moulding machine Prof. A. G. Barad 16450/- 1. Applied and Considered
2. Project Fair Winner 2nd Rank
11ME113 110780119113 Patel  Ajaykumar Babalbhai
11ME117 110780119118 Prajapati Vinesh Sevantilal
D12ME28 120783119007 Shah Zeel Nimeshkumar
3 11ME106 110780119006 Patel  Jenish Pravinbhai Design & Development of Electric discharge machine Prof. H. C. Patel 15575/- 1. Applied and Considered
11ME112 110780119111 Patel Kaushal Rajubhai
11ME49 110780119054 Patel Kaushal Ashokkumar
11ME62 110780119068 Prajapati Shekhar Amrutbhai
4 D12CE01 120783107007 Patel Jay K FACE RECOGNATION SYSTEM Prof. Gauvrav Bhardwaj 5000/- 1. Project Fair Winner 1st Rank
D12CE06 120783107026 Swami Parasgiri A
D12CE14 120783107017 Master Bhavin M
10CE34 100780107043 Patil Nikhil R
5 11CL43 110780106038 Chaudhary Prakash G Study of the effect of orientation of column in multistorey building Dr. Ami H. Shah & Prof. Y. B. Patel 2075/- 1. Applied and Considered
09CL59 90780106058 Hadiyol Vishalsinh K
10CL05 100780106032 Panchal Dhruv G
11CL10 110780106019 Patel Bhavik V
6 10CL01 100780106049 Soni Smit S Study of elevated water tank  Dr. Ami H. Shah & Prof. Y. B. Patel 1267/- 1. Applied and Considered
10CL40 100780106059 Raval Brijesh M
10CL59 100780106039 Prajapati Nirmal V
11CL05 110780106030 Dheniya Vishal B
Total Amount:-